Harbin Rainbow Technology CO.,Ltd.
Harbin Rainbow Technology CO.,Ltd.
  • Are you factory or trading company?

    We are the biggest dealer of machines related to fastener area, and we are the agent of China biggest bolt former manufacturer, heat-treatment furnace, and so on.

  • Why should we choose you? 

    A: We choose the best supplier out of hundreds of factories, which assures that our product is of the best quality.

    B: We have more than 20 years experience in this area.

    C: We can provide all machines to equip an entire bolt/nut production line.

    D: Fully support in buyer workmen training.

    E: Fully support in after-sales service.

  • What about your price? 

    The price based on your details request, like your product size, machine model, order quantity, and so on.

  • How about the shipping?  

    Ocean shipping, air transportation.

  • Do you offer after-sale service?

    Yes, we offer full and good service for all our clients. We will always be there for you, if you have any questions.

  • Why price is so high?

    Different products different answer. We use the best quality spares, special design, high quality assemble, speed higher etc.

  • How you can control your quality?

    We send our engineer to the manufacture when give the order, to give our special quality and design requirement, will send engineer to inspect the producing process, when the machine finish, we'll send person the inspect the finial quality.

  • Payment Term

    30% advance, 70 % before shipment.

  • What is the advantage of your company?

    We can supply all range fastener making machinery, we choice the best manufacture from hundreds of factories, we are the biggest dealer, so we can get best price and service term, we can do after sales service.

  • What's the shortage of your company?

    We have so many orders in hand, for some special items, the delivery date maybe longer.

  • Who is your major customers?

    Such as LPS, Mohindrad fastener, Empire Fasteners, Deepak fasteners, Pooja forge Ltd., Rhotas Fasteners, Sudhir Automotive, Punch Ratena etc.

  • What's your annual sale amount?

    5 millions USD to 10 millions.

  • How many staff in your company?


  • Do you have office in India?