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Belt Wire Drawing Machine

The Belt Wire Drawing Machine is an advanced machinery designed for the efficient drawing of metal wires. With its innovative belt system, this copper wire drawing machine ensures precise control and uniform reduction of wire diameter. It finds application in various industries, including steel, wire rope, and electrical cable manufacturing, where quality wire production with specific dimensions is required.

Key Components of Copper Wire Drawing Machine

1. Wire Pay-off System: This component is responsible for feeding the wire into the drawing machine. It ensures that the wire is properly aligned and fed at a consistent tension to facilitate smooth and continuous drawing.

2. Draw Die Set: The draw die set is a crucial component that determines the wire's final diameter. It is typically made of highly durable and wear-resistant materials, such as tungsten carbide, to withstand the high pressures and friction generated during the drawing process.

3. Belt Transport System: The belt transport system is a unique feature of the Belt Wire Drawing Machine. It consists of a series of belts that grip the wire tightly and transport it through the draw die set. This system provides uniform and controlled drawing forces, ensuring consistent and accurate wire reduction.

4. Take-up System: After the wire is drawn through the die set, the take-up system winds the drawn wire onto a spool or reel for further processing or storage. This system maintains proper tension and alignment to avoid wire tangling or breakage during winding.

5. Lubrication and Cooling System: To reduce friction and heat generated during the wire drawing process, a lubrication and cooling system is employed. This system sprays a suitable coolant or lubricant onto the wire and dies, ensuring smooth drawing and preventing overheating.

6. Control Panel: Like fine wire drawing machine, this copper wire drawing machine is also equipped with a control panel. The control panel houses the electronic control systems and interfaces used to monitor and adjust various parameters of the machine, such as wire speed, tension, and cooling/lubrication settings. The operator uses the control panel to set and regulate these parameters for optimal wire drawing performance.

Features of Belt Wire Drawing Machine

  • 01
    Efficient Production

    This wire drawing machine for sale is designed for high productivity, allowing for the continuous drawing of wires at a fast rate. It helps to streamline the manufacturing process and increase production efficiency.


  • 02
    High Precision

    The Belt Wire Drawing Machine offers precise control over the wire drawing process, ensuring uniform and accurate reduction of wire diameter to meet specific dimensional requirements.

  • 03

    The Belt Wire Drawing Machine can handle various types of metal wires, including steel, copper, and aluminum. It offers flexibility in accommodating wire sizes and materials, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • 04
    User-friendly Operation

    With user-friendly controls and ergonomic design, the Belt Wire Drawing Machine provides easy operation and maintenance. It allows operators to set and adjust parameters easily for optimal wire drawing performance.

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