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  • 2 spindle nut tapping machine
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2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machine

The 2 spindle nut tapping machine is designed for high-speed and efficient tapping of nuts. With its two spindles, it allows for simultaneous tapping operations, effectively reducing cycle times and increasing productivity. This machine is built with precision and durability to ensure accurate and consistent tapping results. It is suitable for manufacturers looking for improved efficiency in nut production.

Specifications of 2 Spindle Automatic Nut Tapping Machine






Main Motor(kw)

Motor of Material

Mixing (kw)

Oil Pump


Air Pressure







2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machines are designed for tapping operations, typically used in manufacturing processes for producing threaded holes in various materials.

All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

Features of 2 Spindle Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

  • 01
    Touchscreen Control Panel

    Many modern 2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machines feature a user-friendly touchscreen control panel. This interface allows operators to set parameters, monitor the machine's status, and make adjustments easily. Some machines may even offer programmable presets for different jobs.

  • 02
    Dual Spindles

    The most distinctive feature of a 2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machine is its two spindles or tapping heads. These spindles can work simultaneously on two different parts or locations, doubling the production rate compared to a single-spindle machine.

  • 03
    Variable Speed and Torque Control

    This type of fastener machine often comes equipped with variable speed and torque control, allowing operators to adjust the tapping speed and pressure to match the material being worked on. This feature helps prevent over-tapping or damage to the threads.

  • 04
    Automatic Feeding and Retracting

    To streamline the tapping process, 2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machines often have automatic feed and retract mechanisms. This means that the spindles can advance to tap the hole, retract when the operation is complete, and move to the next workpiece without manual intervention.

  • 05
    Tool Change System

    Some advanced 2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machines may include a tool change system that enables quick and easy changing of tapping tools. This feature is especially valuable when different thread sizes or types need to be produced.

Application of 2 Spindle Automatic Nut Tapping Machine

The Nut Tapping Machine is an advanced equipment engineered for generating internal threads in nuts, a technique known as tapping. This machine is one kind of specialized machine with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery. 2 Spindle Nut Tapping Machine are used for producing different kinds of nuts and nut shape parts in the field of fastener industry. Here are some key applications of using a 2 spindle nut tapping machine:

  • Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, where nuts and bolts are used extensively in vehicle assembly, the 2 spindle nut tapping machine can significantly speed up the production of threaded nuts. This is crucial for maintaining the pace of assembly lines and meeting production targets.

  • Construction and Infrastructure: Nuts are fundamental components in construction and infrastructure projects, securing structures in buildings, bridges, and other constructions. The 2 spindle nut tapping machine can produce large volumes of tapped nuts, ensuring a steady supply for these large-scale projects.

  • Machinery Manufacturing: Machinery and equipment manufacturing involves numerous components that require precise threading for assembly. The dual-spindle machine can efficiently produce tapped nuts that are essential for assembling various machinery parts. We also provide the high-performance  4 spindle nut tapping machine designed for high-accuracy and efficient production of nuts in large volumes.

  • Aerospace Industry: The aerospace industry demands high precision and reliability in all components. The 2 spindle nut tapping machine can provide the necessary precision for tapping nuts used in aircraft construction and maintenance, where every component must meet stringent standards.

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Nut Tapping Machine Stucture and Workshop

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nut tapping machine
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