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  • cy series flat die thread rolling machine
  • flat die thread rolling machine
  • flat thread rolling machine
  • flat die thread rolling
  • cy series flat die thread rolling machine
  • flat die thread rolling machine
  • flat thread rolling machine
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CY Series Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine

This thread rolling machine is widely praised for its rational price, easy maintenance and high quality. Besides axial and radial process, it is used to process regular and irregular bolt, through screw, etc. with optional embossing roller.

Specifications of CY Series Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine

Diameter(mm)Bolt length(mm)Thread length(mm)Moving dies size(mm)Output (PCS/MIN)
CY05X2-5403276/89/25230- 280

Note: The above parameters are based on the production of carbon steel 1022. If you need to produce stainless steel or special high-strength products, it is suggested to increase the equipment model or confrm with our company. Our company reserves the right to change the design, specifications and mechanical structure at any time to carry out research and improvement work. This catalog specification is for reference only.

Applications of CY Series Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine in Manufacturing Industry

Here are some key applications of the CY Series Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine in the manufacturing industry:

1. Screw and Bolt Production: The machine is extensively used for producing screws and bolts of various sizes and types. It can roll threads onto blanks, transforming them into threaded fasteners with precision and consistency.

2. Fastener Manufacturing: Manufacturers of fasteners like nuts, studs, and threaded rods use the CY Series Thread Rolling Machine to create threads on the cylindrical stock, allowing these components to be easily connected with other parts.

3. Automotive Industry: In the automotive sector, the CY Series machine is utilized to produce threaded components used in vehicles, including engine parts, chassis components, and fasteners for assembly.

4. Construction and Building Materials: Threaded rods, anchor bolts, and other construction-related fasteners are often produced using thread rolling machines like the CY Series. These threaded components are used in construction projects, securing structures, and supporting heavy loads.

5. Aerospace and Defense: The aerospace and defense industries demand high-precision threaded components for aircraft, missiles, and various defense systems. The CY Series Thread Rolling Machine is used to manufacture these critical parts.

6. Electronics and Electrical Equipment: Many electronic and electrical devices require screws and fasteners with specific thread patterns and dimensions. The CY Series machine can produce these components accurately and efficiently.

7. Furniture and Appliances: The assembly of furniture and household appliances often relies on threaded fasteners. Thread rolling machines are used to create these fasteners, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

8. Plumbing and Pipe Fittings: In the plumbing industry, the CY Series Thread Rolling Machine is employed to produce threaded pipe fittings, connectors, and valves, which are essential for plumbing systems.

9. Medical Devices: Precision thread rolling is crucial in the production of medical devices and equipment. The machine can create threads on components used in surgical instruments, diagnostic devices, and more.

10. General Manufacturing: The versatility of the CY Series Thread Rolling Machine allows it to be used in various manufacturing applications where threaded components are needed. Its ability to produce threads quickly and consistently is advantageous in many industries.

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