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  • zd 3 b thread bar automatic receiving company
  • zd 3 b thread bar automatic receiving company

ZD-3-B Thread Bar Automatic Receiving Machine

The ZD-3-B Thread Bar Automatic Receiving Machine is an advanced equipment designed for automated receiving of thread bars. With its efficient design and high-speed operation, it ensures smooth and reliable operation in thread bar processing. This machine is suitable for manufacturers requiring fast and accurate thread bar receiving capabilities, improving productivity and reducing manual handling.

Specifications of ZD-3-B Thread Bar Automatic Receiving Machine

Length of workpiece1000mm-3000mm
Dia of workpiece5mm-40mm
F eeding wayautomatic consecutive receiving
Voltage of power supplyAC 220V
Request of air pressure0.3MP-0.6MP

Materials Can Be Processed by Zd-3-B Thread Bar Automatic Receiving Machine

The ZD-3-B Thread Bar Automatic Receiving Machine is typically designed for the automated handling and processing of threaded bars or rods made from various materials. Here are some of the materials that can be processed by this type of machine:

1. Steel: Threaded steel bars are commonly processed using the ZD-3-B machine. These may include carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel bars used in construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects.

2. Aluminum: Aluminum threaded rods are used in various industries, including construction, automotive, and aerospace. The machine can handle these lightweight yet durable materials.

3. Copper: Threaded copper rods are used in electrical and plumbing applications. The ZD-3-B machine can process copper rods used for grounding and electrical connections.

4. Brass: Brass threaded rods are utilized in applications requiring corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. The machine can process brass rods used in plumbing, decorative fixtures, and more.

5. Titanium: In aerospace and medical industries, threaded titanium rods are essential components. The machine can handle titanium rods that require precise handling.

6. Plastic: Certain industrial and construction applications may involve plastic threaded rods. These may include PVC or nylon rods used in non-metallic fastening solutions.

7. Composite Materials: In some specialized applications, composite materials with embedded threads may need processing. The ZD-3-B machine can handle these composite rods used in aerospace and automotive industries.

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