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  • hsd 30 bi metal rivet machine
  • hsd 30 bi metal rivet machine

HSD-30 Bi-metal Rivet Machine

Bimetal Composite Contact Cold Header is the key equipment manufacturing composite contacts, and it can make six different metals be compounded together under cold state to produce composite contacts according to the technique requirements. Its working process includes the following steps: Sending two different kinds of metal wire into the machine firstly, transmitting them into the mould after being cut off. Then by two times upsetting process, the two kinds of metal become the composite contacts. Finally, the products retreat from the mould and enter into the finished product box.

Specifications of HSD-30 Bi-metal Rivet Machine

1Power of the electormotorKW


2Shear licing intensityMpa≥98
3Weight of the machineKg1100
4Diameter of the rivet's headmm2.5-6
5Diameter of the rivet's shankmm1.2-3
6Diameter of the plate productmm3-6

All specifications Mre subject to changes wnthout pricr Dotice

Applications of HSD-30 Bi-metal Rivet Machine in Automotive Industry

The HSD-30 Bi-metal Rivet Machine has several applications in the automotive industry due to its ability to securely attach bi-metal rivets. Here are four key applications:


1. Automotive Body Assembly: Bi-metal rivets are used in the assembly of automotive bodies to join various components securely. The HSD-30 machine can be employed to attach rivets that join panels, brackets, and structural components, ensuring the structural integrity of the vehicle.


2. Exhaust System Manufacturing: In the production of exhaust systems, bi-metal rivets are used to attach components like hangers, brackets, and heat shields. The HSD-30 machine facilitates the efficient and reliable attachment of these critical parts.


3. Suspension and Chassis Components: Bi-metal rivets are used to connect suspension and chassis components, including control arms, subframes, and crossmembers. The HSD-30 machine ensures the secure attachment of these components, contributing to vehicle stability and safety.


4. Interior and Trim Assembly: The automotive interior requires various components to be securely attached, including trim pieces, panels, and brackets. The HSD-30 machine can be used to attach bi-metal rivets in these applications, ensuring a neat and durable interior finish.


In each of these applications, the HSD-30 Bi-metal Rivet Machine plays a crucial role in the automotive manufacturing process, contributing to the quality, durability, and safety of the final vehicles.


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