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  • 12 16mm 18 22mm rolling up machine
  • 12 16mm 18 22mm rolling up machine

12-16mm, 18-22mm Rolling Up Machine

The Rolling Up Machine is a versatile equipment designed for efficiently rolling up materials. It is specifically engineered to handle materials with diameters ranging from 12-16mm and 18-22mm. With its robust construction and adjustable features, this machine allows for easy and convenient rolling up of materials, facilitating storage and transportation processes in various industries, such as wire manufacturing, textiles, and packaging.

Specifications of 12-16mm, 18-22mm Rolling Up Machine

ItemSpecificationSpeed rpmDimension(L*W*H) mmWeight/kg
Belt Wire Drawing MachineReel dia.:550

Reel dia.:350

Coil machine3-5mm(inner dia of final product)10801380*600*950400
6mm(inner dia of final product)10801600*650*950450
8-10mm(inner dia of final product)7201800*750*1350600
12-16mm(inner dia of final product)5181800*750*1350750
18-22mm(inner dia of final product)3922000*1450*900900
24-30mm(inner dia of final product)2622200*1000*15001200
Above 33mm(inner dia of final product)1502600*1100*17801800
Coil collection machineBelow 12mm(inner dia of final product)

12-22mm(inner dia of final product)

Cutting machine3-5mm(inner dia of final product)530850*700*1250200
6-8mm(inner dia of final product)3681200*750*1350250
10-12mm(inner dia of final product)2961450*850*1500300
14-16mm(inner dia of final product)2131550*950*1580550
18-20mm(inner dia of final product)1501650*1000*1600700
22-30mm(inner dia of final product)1201850*1200*16001200
above33mm(inner dia of final product)702000*1500*28002900
Mould(round wire to belt wire) material Cr12Movz150mm


150mm mould sheet

200mm mould sheet

All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice

12-16mm, 18-22mm Rolling Up Machine Details

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