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  • hsgt2 5 40 end cutting machine
  • hsgt2 5 40 end cutting machine
  • end cutting machine
  • hsgt2 5 40 end cutting machine
  • hsgt2 5 40 end cutting machine
  • end cutting machine

HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine

The HSGT2-5-40 End Cutting Machine is a highly efficient and precision cutting tool. With its robust construction and advanced cutting technology, it delivers accurate and clean end cuts on various materials such as rods, tubes, or profiles. It offers a cutting capacity of up to 40mm and is ideal for applications in industries like metalworking, fabrication, and construction.

Specifications of HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine

Manufacturing Capacity

#6(∮2.8)~#16(∮5.8) Screws,

Point NO.1~NO.8

#6(∮2.8)~#18(∮7.2) Screws,

Point NO.1~NO.8

#6(∮2.8)~#14(∮5.45) Screws,

Point NO.1~NO.5

Working Speed100-520 pcs/min100(50)-520 pcs/min120-520 pcs/min
Main Motor5.5KW(7.5HP)7.5KW(10HP)7.5KW(10HP)
Lubricate the motor0.75KW(1HP)0.75KW(1HP)0.75KW(1HP)

Up-Down Reducer for 

Feeding System

Brake SystemAir-pressure ClutchAir-pressure ClutchAir-pressure Clutch
Auto-action ControllerPLC controllerPLC controllerPLC controller
Vobrator FeederBowl Vibrator Dia.∮820Bowl Vibrator Dia.∮820.Bowl Vibrator Dia ∮620.
Manufacturing Screw Length9.5mm-210mm,9.5mm-210mm9.5mm-130mm
Net weight3200Kgs(approx.)3350Kgs(approx.)2210Kgs(approx.)

Functions of HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine

The HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine is designed for specific cutting applications in manufacturing processes. Here are five functions of this machine:

1. Precision Cutting: The primary function of the HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine is to perform precise cutting of various materials, such as rods, pipes, wires, and profiles. It ensures accurate and clean cuts, maintaining tight tolerances and minimizing material waste.

2. High Production Throughput: This machine is designed for high-speed cutting operations, allowing for rapid and efficient processing of materials. It is suitable for manufacturing environments where productivity is crucial.

3. Versatile Cutting Angles: The HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine often provides the capability to cut materials at different angles, facilitating the production of components with specific angular requirements. This versatility is valuable in various industries.

4. Automatic Feeding and Ejection: Many models of end cutting machines are equipped with automatic feeding and ejection systems. These features streamline the cutting process, reduce manual handling, and enhance overall efficiency.

5. Customizable Cutting Parameters: Operators can often adjust cutting parameters such as feed rates, cutting speed, and blade pressure to accommodate different materials and cutting requirements. This customization ensures optimal results for various applications.

Overall, the HSGT2-5-40-End Cutting Machine plays a vital role in manufacturing by providing precise, high-speed cutting capabilities with versatility for different materials and cutting angles. It contributes to efficient production processes and the production of components with consistent quality.

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