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  • wire straightening and cutting machine

W58 Straightening & Cutting Machine

The W58 Straightening & Cutting Machine is designed for efficient straightening and cutting of wire. With its advanced features, it ensures precise and accurate cutting of wires with various diameters. This machine is widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, and electrical, where straight and accurately cut wires are needed for production processes. It offers reliability and versatility for wire straightening and cutting operations.

Specifications of W58 Straightening & Cutting Machine

Cutting length
Motor power
(length X width X height)
W58-2-4.2-42221.5+0.751100x310x 1200250
W58-6-126-126307.5(11)+1.51750x 580x 1000820
W58-8-16.8-16625. 11+5.5+2.22650x600x 12001100
W58-14-2014-2062518.5+7.5+43000x650x 15001700
W58-18-25.18-2562522+11+7.53200x650x 16002500

Components of W58 Straightening & Cutting Machine

The main components of the W58 Straightening & Cutting Machine include:


1. Infeed System: This system is responsible for feeding the raw material into the machine. It often consists of rollers or guides that ensure a continuous and controlled material supply.


2. Straightening Unit: The straightening unit is crucial for removing any bends or deformations in the incoming material. It typically includes a series of rollers and straightening mechanisms that work in tandem to achieve the desired straightness.


3. Cutting Mechanism: The cutting mechanism is designed to accurately cut the material into specified lengths. Depending on the machine's design, this can be achieved through shear cutting, rotary cutting, or other cutting methods.


4. Length Control System: To achieve precise cutting, the length control system measures the material's length and controls the cutting process accordingly. It ensures that the cut pieces are consistent in length.


5. Control Panel: The control panel houses the machine's user interface, allowing operators to set parameters, monitor the cutting process, and make adjustments as needed. It may include a touchscreen interface for ease of use.


6. Discharge System: After straightening and cutting, the finished pieces are discharged from the machine through a conveyor or collection system for further processing or packaging.


These components work together seamlessly to transform raw materials into straightened and accurately cut pieces, meeting the stringent quality and production standards required by various industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing. The W58 Straightening & Cutting Machine plays a crucial role in streamlining production processes and ensuring the efficiency and precision of material processing operations.

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