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Fine Wire Drawing Machine

As one of the leading wire drawing machine suppliers, Rainbow offers the advanced super fine wire drawing machine that is designed for precise and efficient reduction of metal wires, resulting in finer diameters and improved dimensional accuracy. This wire drawing equipment finds application in various industries, including electronics, telecommunications, and automotive, where thin and high-quality wires are required for manufacturing processes such as wire mesh, cables, and electrical components.

Specifications of Fine Wire Drawing Machine

Equipment Model

Applicable ProductionGalvanized steel wire, high carbon steel wireCopper clad steel wire, resistance wireHigh carbon, high-intensity steel wireCO-protected welding wire
Drawing dies23211715
Outlet range0.10-0.5mm0.15-0.5mm0.5-1.0mm1.0-1.6mm
Maximum speed20m/s-118m/s-110m/s-18m/s-1

Rainbow Super Fine Wire Drawing Machine Features

Fine wire drawing machines are specialized equipment used to reduce the diameter of wire to very small sizes while maintaining precise tolerances. Here are five key features of super fine wire drawing machines:


Multiple Drawing Passes: Fine copper wire drawing machines typically consist of multiple drawing dies arranged in a series. Wire passes through these dies sequentially, with each pass reducing its diameter incrementally. This allows for precise control over the reduction process and enables the production of extremely thin wire.


Tungsten Carbide Dies: To achieve fine wire diameters with high precision, super fine wire drawing machines use tungsten carbide or diamond dies. These dies are exceptionally hard and durable, ensuring consistent wire diameter and surface finish.


In-Line Annealing: Some super fine wire drawing machines are equipped with in-line annealing capabilities. Annealing involves heating the wire to a controlled temperature and then cooling it slowly to relieve stresses and enhance the material's ductility, allowing for further drawing.


Constant Monitoring and Control: As a professional wire drawing machine manufacturer, Rainbow offers premium fine wire drawing machines that come with advanced monitoring and control systems. These systems measure parameters such as wire diameter, tension, and speed in real-time, allowing operators to make adjustments to maintain the desired specifications.


High Speed and Efficiency: Fine wire drawing machines are designed for high-speed operation, enabling efficient production of fine wire. Their robust construction and precise control systems ensure consistent output at rapid rates.


These features make super fine wire drawing machines essential in industries that require extremely thin wire for applications such as electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, and more. They play a crucial role in achieving the desired wire diameter, tolerances, and surface quality required for various manufacturing processes.

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