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Flat Die Thread Rolling Machine

Flat die thread rolling machine adopts two thread profile thread rolling plate staggered 1/2 screw distance design. One plate is fixed, movable plate is on the fixed plate do straight line motion back and forth, when the work piece feed between two plates, movable plate move forward twist work piece, make its surface plastic deformation into thread. To roll thread on blank shank of bolt after being cold-headed.

Thread rolling machine is widely praised for its rational price, easy maintenance and high quality. besides axial and radial process it is used to process regular and irregular bolt, through screw etc. with optional embossing roller.

Thread rolling machine is portable, flexible, high efficiency and has some irreplaceable advantages compared with similar equipment, avoid the limit of lathe, drill or hand tapping, save time, labor, not easy to rotten teeth, screw tap not easy to break off.

The thread roller is easy to operate, convenient to maintenance, which greatly decrease the technical requirements for workers. The automatic thread rolling machine can complete the thread of stud bolts in one time.

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