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Heavy Wet Wire Drawing Machine LT8.

The Heavy Wet Wire Drawing Machine LT8. is a robust and high-capacity machinery designed for wet-drawing of metal wires. With its multi-die configuration and precise control, this equipment enables the reduction of wire diameters while improving surface quality. It finds application in industries such as steel, wire rope, and wiring, where high-performance wires with specific dimensions and surface characteristics are required.

Specifications of Heavy Wet Wire Drawing Machine LT8.

Diameter of capstanmm1200-10001100-800800(700)600(560)450(400)
Drawing timestime99101010
Maximum diameter of inlet wiremmφ14-φ10φ10-φ8φ9-φ6.5φ6.5-φ5.5φ4.5-φ2.5
Minmum diameter of oulet wiremmφ5-φ3.5φ3.5-φ2.8φ2.8-φ2.0φ2.0-φ1.7φ1.4-φ0.8
Drawing line speedm/min300360480720840
Inlet tensile strengthMpa≤1300≤1300≤1300≤1300≤1300
Total compression rate%87.2487.7590.5390.5390.32
Average compression rate%20.4520.8212120.83
Motor powerKw110-7590-4575-3737-2215-7.5

Applications Heavy Wet Wire Drawing Machine LT8. in Wire Manufacturing Industry

The Heavy Wet Wire Drawing Machine LT8. is a specialized piece of equipment used in wire manufacturing to reduce the diameter of wires while maintaining precision and surface quality. Here are four applications of this machine in the wire manufacturing industry:


1. Fine Wire Production: The LT8 series of wet wire drawing machines are particularly well-suited for producing fine wires with diameters as small as a few micrometers. These fine wires find applications in industries such as electronics for manufacturing microelectronic components like integrated circuits and connectors.


2. Wire for Medical Devices: Medical devices often require wires of specific diameters and materials to meet strict quality and safety standards. The LT8. machine is used to produce precision wires for applications such as catheters, guidewires, and surgical instruments.


3. Aerospace and Automotive Components: In the aerospace and automotive industries, where safety and reliability are paramount, precision wires produced by the LT8 series are used for critical components. These wires are used in airbag deployment systems, control cables, sensors, and other applications that require high-quality materials.


4. Telecommunications and Data Transmission: Wires produced by this machine are used in telecommunications and data transmission cables. Their consistent diameter and high surface quality are essential for ensuring reliable data transmission and communication.


These applications highlight the versatility and importance of the Heavy Wet Wire Drawing Machine LT8. in various industries where precision wires are required for critical components and applications. The machine's ability to produce wires with high precision and surface finish contributes to the quality and reliability of the final products.



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