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  • rb series 2 die 4 blow cold heading machine
  • rb series 2 die 4 blow cold heading machine

RB Series 2 Die 4 Blow Cold Heading Machine

The RB Series 2 Die 4 Blow Cold Heading Machine is a highly efficient and versatile machine used for cold heading processes. Equipped with two dies and four blows, it can produce a wide range of fasteners with precision and speed. This machine is ideal for industries like automotive, construction, and manufacturing that require reliable and high-quality fastener production.

Specifications of RB Series 2 Die 4 Blow Cold Heading Machine

ModelCut off Die Diameter/mmPunch Die Diameter/mmCutter Size/mmMain Motor Power/kwVolume(L*W*H)/mWeight/kgCut off Die Diameter/mmPunch Die Diameter/mmCutter Size/mmMain Motor Power/kwVolume(L*W*H)/mWeight/kg

All specifications are subject to changes without prior notice

How Does RB Series 2 Die 4 Blow Cold Heading Machine Work?

1. Material Feeding: Initially, metal wire or rod stock is loaded into the machine. This raw material typically comes in the form of coils or straight lengths.

2. Cutting: The machine cuts the metal into individual blanks or pieces of the required length. This cutting operation is usually performed by a shear or cutoff die.

3. Transfer to Dies: The cut blanks are then automatically or manually transferred to the die stations. In the case of the RB Series 2 Die 4 Blow machine, there are two sets of dies, each with two blows, for a total of four blows.

4. First Blow: In the first die station, the metal blank is placed between two die halves. The dies close in on the blank, subjecting it to a powerful blow. This initial blow shapes the metal partially, often creating a basic form.

5. Transfer to the Second Die Station: After the first blow, the partially formed workpiece is moved to the second die station. 

6. Second Blow: In the second die station, another set of dies closes in on the workpiece and delivers a second powerful blow. This further refines the shape of the part.

7. Third and Fourth Blows: For RB Series 2 Die 4 Blow machines, the workpiece is then transferred back to the first die station for a third blow and then to the second die station for a fourth blow. These additional blows allow for even greater precision and complexity in shaping the metal.

8. Ejection: Once all blows are completed, the finished part is ejected from the machine. It is now ready for further processing, such as threading or additional machining if necessary.

9. Repeat: The machine continues to cycle, repeating these steps for each new metal blank fed into it, ensuring efficient and consistent production.

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