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  • qlbf series 3 station bolt former
  • 3 station bolt former
  • qlbf series 3 station bolt former
  • 3 station bolt former

QLBF Series 3 Station Bolt Former

The QLBF Series 3 Station Bolt Former is a cutting-edge equipment designed for the efficient and precise production of bolts. Equipped with three stations, it enables essential operations like heading, thread rolling, and trimming in a single machine. As one of the professional cold forming machine manufacturers, Rainbow offers fully automatic nut bolt making machine that has high productivity, exceptional precision, and flexibility for manufacturers in need of medium to large scale bolt production. The QLBF Series 3 Station Bolt Former is an ideal choice for achieving optimal efficiency and superior quality in bolt manufacturing processes.

Specifications of QLBF Series 3 Station Bolt Former

Main Technical Data of RBF Series 3-station High Speed and Fully Automatic Cold Heading and Forming Machine

ModelUnitRBF-63SRBF 83SRBF 83LRBF-103SRBF-103LRBF-133SRBF-133L
Forging stationNo.3333333
Forging forceKgs38,00065,00065,00085,00085,000120,000120,000
Max cut-off dia.mmФ8Ф10Ф10Ф12Ф12Ф15Ф15
Max cut-off lengthmm8075135100190140250
Speed Rangepcs/min160-260140-240110-180120-20085-140100-16060-100
P.K.O Strokemm12121615152625
K.O Strokemm655011580160100230
Main slide strokemm110106193150280200350
Main motorkw1118.518.518.5.223030
Cut-off-die sizemmФ30*45LФ53*56LФ30*50LФ45*59LФ45*59LФ63*69LФ55*70L
Punch die sizemmФ40*90LФ45*95LФ45*140LФ53*115LФ53*112LФ60*130LФ60*179L
Main die sizemmФ50*85LФ60*80LФ60*150LФ75*108LФ75*200LФ86*135LФ86*265L
Die pitchmm607070909098110
Machine Weight(Approx)Kgs8,00011,00014,00014,00020,00023,00032,000
Normal bolt sizemm3-65-85-86-106-108-12.78-12.7
Shank length of blankmm10-6515-5525-10515-7030-15020-10070-210
Mechanical Dimensions(cm)cm380*212*147420*220*173455*235*208410*250*180570*240*230455*260*196780*260*270


The company keeps the right to revise above parameters. If there is any alterations , advance notice won't be given then.

The products' most applicable production speed is decided by the product shape, size and material.

Maximum material shearing diameter and product size listed in the table can be calculated according to medium carbon alloy steel. It is equal to 10.9 grade high Intensity screw.

Fully Automatic Nut Bolt Making Machine Features

  • 01
    Compatible Reversible Nuts and Fixed Bolt Clips

    Reversible nuts and fixed bolt clips that match with RBF serial multi-station parts forming machine.

  • 02
    Swing Transfer Conveyance

    Transfer conveyance of rotary swing mode and transfer force of adjustable pneumatic mode ensures stable and reliable work-piece conveyance and high speed operation of the machine. The first station clip can automatically loose short dimension feeding, stop and alarm.

  • 03
    Coordinated Reciprocating Movement

    Reciprocating movement of clipping table and opening/closing actions of the clips are both driven by a jpint intermediate shaft to ensure the coordinated actions.

  • 04
    Optional CNC Type Adjusting Mechanism

    Is rear knock-out mechanism. Rear knock-out mechanism of various stations can be respectively and independently adjusted. Last station can. Before being kicked out, dead - point position of all models keeps the same. Some models can choose to add hand - wheel type or CNC type rear knock-out threaded pipe adjusting mechanism.

  • 05
    Independent Adjustment and Overload Protection

    Is punch knock - out mechanism of RBF serial model. Punch knock - out coincides with back action of machine slider. After the work piece is shaped, it stays in the mould and then being kicked out by rear knock - out mechanism. It avoids being talken away by the punch and then get deformed, Various stations of front knock - out positions can be independently adjusted. All the front lead - out mechanism have knock - out force over- load protection devices.

  • 06
    Automatic Pawl Lifting and Noise Reduction

    Is electric feeding mechanism, In return stroke, pawl can be automatically raised by air cylinder and be separated from ratchet wheel. It not only removes friction and noise, but also prevents ratchet wheel from reversal operation.

Items Can Be Produced by the Multi-station Cold Forging Machine

3 station Cold forging machine is an efficient and accurate metal cold forging equipment, mainly used for processing all kinds of metal wire and profile manufacturing, with simple process, high production efficiency, and high processing accuracy. This fastener manufacturing machine is suitable for all types of special-shaped parts which are difficult to cold heading and difficult to process. It has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance and high processing efficiency. Multi-station cold forging machine is suitable for processing large diameter range, high dimensional accuracy, groove shape of various shaped workpiece, with stable performance, simple operation and so on.

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