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  • hfc828 bi metal button and rivet machine
  • hfc828 bi metal button and rivet machine

HFC828 Bi-metal Button and Rivet Machine

HFC828 Bi-metal Button and Rivet Machine is a versatile machinery designed specifically for fastening bi-metal buttons and rivets onto various types of garments, including jeans, jackets, and bags. This equipment ensures precise and consistent attachment, enhancing the visual appeal and durability of the clothing, while also streamlining the manufacturing process for greater efficiency.

Specifications of HFC828 Bi-metal Button and Rivet Machine

Round button dia.Ψ2.5-Ψ8.5mm
Square button size2.5x2.5-7x7mm
Thickness of button0.5-3.2mm
Rivet head diaΨ2.5-Ψ8.5mm
Thickness of rivet headMax 3.2mm
Dia. of rivet shankΨ1.2-Ψ4.9mm
Length of rivet shankMax 6mm
Silver thicknessMin 0.25mm
Button output2200-7000pcs/hr
Rivet output2200-11000pcs/hr
Power3.6kw, 380v, 50hz
Compress airMin 0.2Mpa
Net weight1650kg

All specifications are subjeet to changes without prior potice

How HFC828 Bi-Metal Button and Rivet Machine Fits into Larger Manufacturing Systems?

The HFC828 Bi-metal Button and Rivet Machine can be integrated into larger manufacturing systems by being positioned within the production line. It typically serves as a specialized station for attaching buttons and rivets to various materials. The machine can be synchronized with other equipment, such as material feeders, conveyors, and quality control stations, to ensure seamless and efficient manufacturing processes. This integration enhances the overall production efficiency and automation of the manufacturing system.

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