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  • inverted vertical wire drawing machine
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Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

With multiple protection functions, the device will automatically slow down and stop when the shield is opened or other faults occur when the device is running at high speed.

This machine is developed for the non-slip drawing of medium & low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, special shaped steel wire and nonferrous metals with thick & medium diameter, especially suitable for the standard parts and supermarket shelf industry. The max inlet diameter is 40mm, and the capstan diamerer is 550-1400mm.
Transmission system adopts cycloid reducer, hardened gear reducer,or non-standard reducer. Electrical control system adopts international famous converter with stable performance.

Specifications of Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

Dia. Of capstan (MM)80010012001400
Dia. Of inlet wire (MM)φ5.5-φ8φ9-φ15φ17-φ25φ25-φ48
Out coming dia. (MM)φ4.5-φ7.37.69-φ13.6φ16.3-φ22.9φ23.6-φ47.2
Intensity of material (Mpa)≤850≤850≤850≤850
Compression rate (%)≤25%≤20%≤15%≤15%
Max. drawing speed (M/Min)70603020
Motor power (KW)375590110

Advantages of Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

Inverted vertical wire drawing machines offer several advantages in the wire manufacturing and processing industry. Here are four key advantages of using these machines:


1. Space Efficiency: Inverted vertical wire drawing machines are designed to take up less floor space compared to horizontal machines. Their compact and vertical layout allows for more efficient use of available space in manufacturing facilities.


2. Enhanced Wire Quality: These machines are capable of producing wire with improved quality and surface finish. The vertical design minimizes the risk of wire entanglement and scratching during the drawing process, resulting in smoother and higher-quality wire.


3. Energy Efficiency: Inverted vertical wire drawing machines often have efficient motor and drive systems that reduce energy consumption. The vertical configuration also minimizes friction and energy losses, making them more energy-efficient compared to some horizontal counterparts.


4. Ease of Maintenance: Access to components and maintenance tasks is generally more convenient with inverted vertical machines. Maintenance personnel can easily reach and service parts, reducing downtime and ensuring that the machine operates optimally.


These advantages make inverted vertical wire drawing machines a preferred choice for wire manufacturers looking to optimize space, improve wire quality, reduce energy consumption, and streamline maintenance processes.

Features of Inverted Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

  • 01
    Large Coil Steel Wire Production

    It is suitable for large coil steel wire continuous production,can take up heavy and big diameter wires.

  • 02
    Easy Operation

    Easy operation,simple and reliable control,safety production and convenient maintenance.

  • 03
    Smooth Speed Regulation

    Application of 3-phase AC variable-frequency speed adjustment system,realizes smooth speed regulation, and saves more than 30% electric power. 

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