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Electric Heat Treatment Furnace

The Electric Heat Treatment Furnace is a specialized equipment used for precise and controlled heat treatment processes. It utilizes electric heating elements to provide uniform and efficient heating, annealing, and hardening of metal components. This furnace is widely used in industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace for achieving desired material properties and improving component strength and durability.

Specifications of Electric Heat Treatment Furnace

ModelRated power
Rated temperature

Dimensions of

working ( mm )

3#RB-400220950600* 6000*100
5#RB-700350950800* 8000*100
6#RB-1000400950800*1 0000*100
700-1 000
7#RB-1200500950800*1 2000*100
8#RB-15006009501000*1 2000*100
1200-1 500

Electric Heat Treatment Furnace Details


Applications of Electric Heat Treatment Furnace in Manufacturing Industry

Electric heat treatment furnaces are versatile industrial equipment used for controlled heating and cooling processes to alter the properties of materials. In the manufacturing industry, this type of mesh belt furnace finds a wide range of applications. Here are five common applications:


 Metal Hardening: Electric heat treatment furnaces are frequently used for the hardening of various metal components, such as gears, shafts, and tooling. The process involves heating the metal to a specific temperature and then rapidly quenching it in a cooling medium. This increases the material's hardness and wear resistance, making it suitable for demanding applications.


Annealing: Annealing is a heat treatment process that electric furnaces perform exceptionally well. It involves heating metals to specific temperatures and then gradually cooling them to relieve internal stresses, improve ductility, and refine grain structure. Annealing is used for materials like steel, brass, and copper to enhance their machinability and formability.


Tempering: Electric heat treatment furnaces are also crucial for the tempering process, which follows hardening. After hardening, materials can be brittle, so tempering involves reheating the metal to a lower temperature to reduce hardness and improve toughness. This is essential for applications where both hardness and toughness are required, such as in the manufacturing of cutting tools and automotive parts.


Sintering: Electric furnaces are commonly used for sintering processes in the manufacturing of powder metallurgy components. Sintering involves heating metal or ceramic powders to fuse them together without melting to create parts with precise dimensions and properties. This is utilized in industries like automotive, aerospace, and electronics.


Aging and Stress Relieving: Aging involves heating materials to specific temperatures for extended periods to achieve desired properties, such as increased strength or corrosion resistance. Stress relieving is a process used to reduce internal stresses in materials. Both processes are essential in industries like aerospace and construction for ensuring the long-term structural integrity of components.


Electric heat treatment furnaces play a critical role in enhancing the mechanical properties, durability, and reliability of materials used in various manufacturing applications. Their precise temperature control and programmable settings make them valuable tools for achieving consistent and high-quality results in these processes.

Electric Heat Treatment Furnace Highlights

  • 01
    Furnace Insulation Materials Imported from Japan

    Insulation bricks B5, anti-carburizing brick LBK-23, paste imported from Japan P-150;

  • 02
    Electrical Parts

    Adopts Schneider inverter, relays, contactors; PLC program controller uses the Japanese original Mitsubishi Q series; the inverter motor, reducer, motor, pump products are used in Taiwan;

  • 03
    Degree of Automation

    The control system is controlled by a unified interface. This heat treatment equipment is beautiful and easy to operate, reflecting the degree of automation;

  • 04

    Both ends of the roller adopts high temperature resistance bearing with good sealing degree;

  • 05

    The heating use of radiant heating of radiant tube, connected with high-temperature resistance wire to connect heating element to ensure the extension after heating element heated;

  • 06
    Power Controller

    Hardening furnace and tempering furnace adopts power controller (Taiwan Jiqi);

  • 07
    Good Insulation

    In order to get good insulation adopts Japan Aesop Wright insulation cotton and nano-plate;

  • 08
    SUS310 Casting Tripod

    Quenching furnace material unloading adopts SUS310 casting tripod, so that the workpiece does not remain in the furnace, to prevent the workpiece quenching overtime.

  • 09
    Imported Atmosphere Controller

    Adopts US imported atmosphere controller, the device can make an accurate determination of atmosphere in the furnace, equipped with automatic carbon potential equalizer;

  • 010
    Entire Centrifugal Casting SUS310

    The gasification chamber adopts entire centrifugal casting SUS310, the bottom three-hole design, long life, uniform gasification.

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