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  • hot dip galvanizing machine
  • galvanizing machine
  • galvanizing machine price
  • hot dip galvanizing machine
  • hot dip galvanizing machine price
  • hot dip galvanizing machine
  • galvanizing machine
  • galvanizing machine price
  • hot dip galvanizing machine
  • hot dip galvanizing machine price

Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine

Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine is an advanced industrial equipment designed to provide effective corrosion protection to steel or iron materials by dipping them in a bath of molten zinc. This process creates a layer of zinc coating that acts as a barrier against rust and other environmental damages, ensuring the longevity and durability of the materials.

Specifications of Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine

Material of tank3mm304 stainless steel, PP
Material of frameworkSquare steel tube
Control systemPLC, computer control
Heating modelElectronic, steam, hot water
Model of transporterAutomatic, semi-automatic, Manual
Surrounding equipmentRectifiers, filters, pipe, air blower, waste gas treatment system
Warranty12 months.
AdvantagesFlexible design, safe, stable and high strength, automatic weighting and loading.
ApplicationsDifferent kinds of plating for metal products.
Contactor (switch ) and thermal relaySiemens Brand.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine Benefits

  • 01
    Use of Waste Heat

    Solved the problem of huge investment for environment protect and hign running cost.

  • 02
    Heat the Flux Tank

    Make use of waste heat to heat the flux tank upto 70 degree.

  • 03
    Saved the Cost

    Make use of waste heat to heat the acid pool upto 30 degree,saved the cost of steam heating when ambient temperature is low.

  • 04
    Acid Pool

    The acid pool use blow&suction method to remove acid mist,the method will save 30-50% power consumption compare with suction both sides.Via ventilatting duct into treatment tower for treating then discharge which conform to the emission standard.

  • 05
    Hot Air

    Make use of waste heat,via heat exchanger to produce hot air(Max. Upto 4 tons boiler),the hot air will be used for blow the pipeline during installation and commission.

  • 06
    Zinc Smoke

    Zinc smoke adopts blow&suction method to remove acid mist,the method will save 30-50% power consumption.

  • 07
    The Newest Wast Heat Energy Save Technology

    Air bus equipment-Waste heat type energy save combustion-supporting wind.

  • 08
    Waste Heat Drying Tank

    Make use of wast heat via heat exchanger to get hot air,use the hot air to blow the workpiece,will dry faster and balance.Make use of waste heat to heat the drying tank bottom and around to get better effect.

  • 09

    Flux cooling water waste heat to heat the flux which will cooling the water and saved flux.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine Features

Hot dip galvanizing machines are used to coat steel and iron products with a layer of zinc to protect them from corrosion. Here are four key features of hot dip galvanizing machines:

Immersion Process: Hot dip galvanizing machines utilize an immersion process where the steel or iron products are dipped into a bath of molten zinc. This ensures complete and uniform coverage of the surface, including complex shapes and hard-to-reach areas.

Precise Temperature Control: These machines have precise temperature control systems to maintain the molten zinc at the correct temperature for galvanizing, typically around 450°C (850°F). This control ensures proper adhesion of the zinc coating and consistent results.

Kettle Design: Hot dip galvanizing machines feature a large kettle or tank that holds the molten zinc. The kettle is typically made of specialized materials to withstand high temperatures and corrosion. It's designed to accommodate various sizes of products.

Material Handling Systems: To safely and efficiently process products, hot dip galvanizing machines often include material handling systems such as overhead cranes, hoists, and conveyors. These systems ensure the products are immersed, withdrawn, and cooled in a controlled manner.

These features collectively enable hot dip galvanizing machines to provide effective and durable corrosion protection for a wide range of steel and iron products used in industries like construction, automotive, infrastructure, and more.

Product Process of Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine

Surface Preparation→Oil Removal→Rinsing in water→Fluxing→ Drying→Hot Dip Galvanizing→ Cooling in water→ Coating quality inspection→Packaging

Hot Dip Galvanizing Machines are designed to optimize the galvanizing process, guaranteeing effective corrosion protection for steel or iron products. This significantly prolongs their durability across diverse environments. Rainbow is a professional supplier of Hot Dip Galvanizing Machines and Solutions. We also offer types of zinc plating line, including barrel plating machine and rack plating equipment, catering to different needs for precision parts and fasteners. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, please contact us!

Details and Finished Products of Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine

galvanizing machine
hot dip galvanizing machine
Finished Products of Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine
Finished Products of Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine

FAQs About Hot Dip Galvanizing Machine

  • Q

    How Much Is Hot Dip Galvanizing?


    We can provide customized service according to the production volume provided by the customer, and the price of the equipment will vary according to the production volume.

  • Q

    What is hot dip galvanizing?


    Hot-dip galvanizing is the application of a zinc coating by dipping cleaned, prepared metal products in molten zinc, by which process alloy layers may be formed between the basic metal and the outer pure zinc layer. Hot dip galvanizing equipment is designed to maximize the benefits of the galvanizing process.

  • Q

    How to Achieve Energy Saving of Hot-dip Galvanizing Equipment?


    First, to choose the appropriate energy medium for the energy furnace of hot dip galvanizing production line equipment. According to the front-line work experience, hot dip galvanizing equipment manufacturers recommend the selection of fuel sequence is: natural gas, water gas, electricity and petroleum liquefied gas, so that the energy efficiency ratio of hot dip galvanizing production line can be effectively improved.

    Second, strengthen the thermal insulation of the energy furnace in the hot dip galvanizing production line to reduce the heat loss of the furnace body. In this regard, the hot-dip galvanizing production line manufacturers recommend the use of firebrick masonry furnace wall, all-fiber manufacturing furnace wall or other good insulation refractory materials, at the same time, the majority of customers can also increase the thickness of the furnace wall, reduce the temperature of the furnace wall shell, the above measures can effectively reduce the energy consumption of hot-dip galvanizing production line.

    Third, reduce the exhaust gas emission temperature of the energy furnace in the hot dip galvanizing production line. In order to achieve this purpose, professional hot galvanizing production line manufacturers remind you that you can choose a radiation tube with high heat utilization rate to reduce the heat taken away by the flue gas, you can also use a regenerative burner, you can also use measures to reduce the exhaust gas emission temperature, or increase the utilization of waste heat.

    Fourth, choose a reasonable heating system. Heating system is an important way to save energy, according to different materials to choose different heating temperatures to prevent resource waste, resulting in energy saving and consumption reduction purposes.

  • Q

    How to maintain hot dip galvanizing machine?


    The maintenance of hot dip galvanizing production line equipment needs to be carried out by the following steps:

    1. Cleaning: Clean the equipment regularly, including various pipes, water tanks, electrical control boxes, etc., and pay attention to removing debris and dust on the surface of the equipment. To ensure safety, please turn off the power and air supply before cleaning.

    2. Lubrication: For the equipment that needs lubrication, such as bearings, etc., refueling or oil change should be performed regularly, and pay attention to replacing the lubricating oil used for a long time.

    3. Check: Regularly check all parts of the equipment for damage or wear, if found, should be replaced in time.

    4. Fastening: Check the screws and nuts and other fasteners on the equipment regularly and strengthen them in time if they are loose.

    5. Maintenance: Maintain the equipment regularly and keep the equipment in good condition to extend the life of the equipment.

    6. Commissioning: After the maintenance work is completed, it is necessary to debug the equipment to ensure that there is no problem before it can be put into use.

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