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Bolt Former Machine: A Tool for Efficient and Precise Production

Bolt Former Machine, as a powerful force in modern manufacturing, holds a pivotal position in the screw manufacturing industry with its efficiency and precision. It not only swiftly and accurately completes the forming and processing of screws but also significantly improves production efficiency and reduces costs. Next, we will delve into the working principle, structural composition, and application scenarios of the bolt former machine.

Working principle of bolt former machine

The working principle of the bolt former machine relies on a series of precise mechanical actions. First, the feeding device accurately delivers the raw material into the machine. The raw material then undergoes several precise processes such as cutting, heading, and threading to finally form screws that meet industry standards. Throughout the process, the application of high-precision tools and molds ensures that the screws' dimensions and shapes meet the required standards. The introduction of an intelligent control system allows the bolt making machine to automatically adjust processing parameters based on different raw materials and specifications, achieving efficient and precise processing.

Structural composition of bolt former machine

The bolt former machine mainly comprises the following core components:

  • Feeding Device: Advanced devices such as vibratory bowls or robotic arms, stably deliver the raw material into the automatic nut bolt manufacturing machine.

  • Cutting Device: Equipped with high-precision tools and cutting motors, it accurately cuts the raw material to shape its basic form.

  • Heading Device: Using high-precision molds and heading motors, it processes the cut raw material to form the screw head.

  • Threading Device: High-precision threading wheels and threading motors are used to process the headed screw, forming the spec-compliant threads.

  • Control System: Based on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), it intelligently controls the machine's operations and processing.

  • Safety Protection Devices: Includes safety doors, light curtains, and emergency stop buttons to ensure the safety of operators and equipment during operation.

Application Scenarios of bolt former machine

The bolt former machine plays an indispensable role in various industries such as construction, furniture, and automotive manufacturing. These industries have a huge demand for screws, and the high efficiency and precision of the bolt former machine greatly meet market demand. As China's largest fastener equipment dealer, Rainbow specializes in manufacturing cold forging machines. Our bolt former machines offer customizable production capabilities, allowing for the production of screws in various specifications and models to meet different customer needs.

With technological advancements and continuous market changes, the bolt former machine is also evolving. Looking ahead, the bolt former machine will continue to play an important role in manufacturing, helping companies achieve more efficient and precise production, and driving the continuous progress of the entire industry.