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Introduction to Cold Forging Industry

Cold forging machine is a special fastener making machinery mainly used for mass production of nuts and bolts and other fasteners, and is a stamping machine in mechanical manufacturing.

Cold forging is formed by metal plasticity at room temperature. Using cold forging process to manufacture fasteners not only has high efficiency, good quality, but also saves material and low cost. Cold forging process has high quality requirements for raw materials, and the steel used in cold forging processing to manufacture fasteners and connectors (such as bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, etc.) is called cold forging steel, commonly known as riveted screw steel. Usually used are tempered alloy steel, low temperature tempered alloy structural steel, low carbon and low alloy high strength steel, ferritic-martensitic two-phase steel and so on.

History of cold former:

World War II: Germany developed the first cold forging machine for the manufacture of bullet casings.

Late 1950s: China began to introduce cold forging molding equipment from the former Soviet Union.

After the 21st century: With rich technology research and development, production and market experience, some domestic cold forging machine advantage enterprises have formed a good brand image and core competitiveness in the field of cold forging equipment, and gradually caught up with the advanced level of the international industry.