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Multi-station Nut Forging Machine Introduction

The multi-station nut former is a special equipment for the production of nuts and other standard and non-standard parts. It adopts cold forging mode, which can automatically upset all kinds of hexagonal nuts by disc element or bar material, and complete all processes such as cutting material, pressing ball, pressing Angle and punching. This multi station cold forging machine has the characteristics of accurate positioning, stable operation and easy maintenance, and is especially suitable for mass production by manufacturers.


Specifically, the multi-station cold former uses a multi-station design, which can integrate multiple processes into a single machine to complete automatically. This not only improves production efficiency, but also reduces the cost of manual operations and the possibility of errors. At the same time, the cold heading station is arranged horizontally, which is conducive to the positioning of the workpiece and the maintenance of the machine.


In addition, the nut former machine adopts single-sided S-plate cutting, which is more stable and powerful, and can adjust the time to meet the needs of different workpieces.


Overall, the multi-station cold former is an efficient, automated and easy to maintain machine that offers a quality solution for the production of hex nuts and some non-standard parts.


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